Author Guidelines

1. The submitted manuscript has never been published in any journal or proceedings or is under assessment in another journal.

2. The submission manuscript is under the template or Vox Dei Author Guidelines.

3. Prepare anonymous files and files with full author identity as supplementary files.

4. The total number of words in the manuscript is not less than 3000 words.

5. All references cited/cited in the article text must be included in the Bibliography section. The bibliography must contain references from primary sources (scientific journals; minimum 80%) of the total bibliography published in the last 10 (ten) years.

6. The number of references cited at least 10 (ten) library sources. Writing a citation or citation is recommended to use a reference management application program for example Mendeley or Zotero. The writing format used in the Vox Dei: Jurnal Teologi dan Pastoral is APA 6th or 7th Edition (American Psychological Association, 2010).